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  • Zahida 4 years ago

    Its fantastic I just revised so much

  • Sayeed Khan 4 years ago

    I realy love those lectures
    it’s just fantastic

  • Muneeb 4 years ago

    Sir, VU main java ku nae kerwaty???

  • Malik Sunny 3 years ago

    It’s awesome… They helped me a lot… Make my concepts clear and taking excellent GPA.

  • Emaan 3 years ago

    Hmmmmm nice lecture.

  • Dear Sir,
    I have few question on data structure. Can I expect answer from you? Your lectures are awesome.

  • Please provide me solution for Preorder and postorder traversals of a binary tree given as below:
    Preorder: u1 u2 u3 u4 u10 u8 u5 u9 u6 u11 u7
    Postorder: u4 u10 u3 u8 u2 u9 u11 u7 u6 u5 u1
    Obtained a binary tree, which resembles with traversals?

    my mail mitendra13@gmail

  • My other question is:

    Merge operation between two heap trees
    First tree has 92 as root while 45 and 67 are its sub tree and again 38 and 59 are sub tree of 45
    Second tree has two sub tree 19 and 80 , again 19 has two sub tree (92,93) and 80 has one sub tree 96
    H1: A max Heap H2: A min Heap

  • Does anybody has idea of above question? or May I expect answer from VU

  • Sir Ye Lectures Download kio nahe hotey. Please enke download krne ka tarika bta den